As I pondered the national holiday that is upon us, Independence Day,  it made me think about patriotic things, like the men and women who fought in that great conflict we now call the Revolutionary War.  Those patriots paved the way to create a new nation where people can be free from tyranny and oppression.  We’ve come a long way since then, but we have survived as a nation regardless of conflicts and some ideological divisions that have threatened to tear our nation apart.  I often think about the sacrifices of life and limb that have been offered up in the name of freedom.  I am so thankful for those patriots and those who now serve with a willingness to sacrifice so that we can remain a free nation. 

     One of the distinctions between us and people in some other countries is that we can own the land we live on!  There are naysayers of such freedoms who for some reason think that is not a good thing, but I think most of us esteem that privilege as a wonderful ideal.  As a Realtor® I subscribe to a National Code of Ethics that promotes the widest distribution of land ownership as a patriotic ideal.  That means we believe that anyone among us can eventually obtain land ownership.  We can all own a chunk of America!  That makes me happy to think about, and grateful for those who paid the price for us to have that option.  As Realtors®, we believe that we have a grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to dedicate our interests beyond those of ordinary commerce to promote land ownership and adequate housing for all.

     I remember one very gratifying day for me, when a buyer client finally closed on a 10 acre parcel that he had been saving for.  He was a single young man who worked a lower income job that barely paid his rent, but because of his goal to own land someday, he disciplined himself to a very austere existence.  He religiously stashed away a portion of his meager income each month until it had grown to an amount that allowed him to purchase his dream.  After a short search, we found a remote parcel with trees that he could afford.  The wide grin on his partially-toothless-face at the closing table was priceless!  He just couldn’t stop smiling!  It has been quite a few years since this purchase for my new friend, but he still touches base every once in awhile to update me on the progress to his beloved land.  He is still smiling!