In a recent article I detailed the position of Realtors® concerning the lack of honesty of buyers.  Don’t misunderstand!  I’m not trying to portray Realtors® as super heroes who are overworked and abused; it’s just that I think a further conversation about this industry-wide quandary might help buyers make a better connection with a Realtor®.   If they could see the process from the Realtors® viewpoint they may be more inclined to be loyal, more forthcoming about finances and more realistic with their wish list.

    When I meet with a buyer, I usually ask for a wish list first, and then ask them to define which amenities they are just not willing to live without.  Designated brokers often teach their agents the art of listening, but that does not always happen.  Even if a buyer was exact in their description, some brokers are too busy talking to hear what the buyer is saying.  But I’m talking about the times when even if the broker is careful to note of every detail and amenity the buyer wants, the buyer changes their mind and purchases something completely different than what they started out looking for.  I get it!  Buyers are allowed to change their mind and they have the power to control exactly what choices they make, but that type of fickle buyer always leaves an ugly wake behind them, strewn with exasperated brokers.

     In a recent case, a buyer excitedly recited their desire to purchase rural property where they could keep horses and shoot guns without disturbing their neighbors.  The short version of this story is that these buyers bought a condo in the city and completely ditched their dismayed broker.  I wonder if they realized or even considered the many hours of wasted time that broker had invested. 

     Buyers will tell you they only want a home that has 4 bedrooms, only to buy a home with another agent who showed them a house with 3 bedrooms they liked.  Buyers will tell you they only want to work with you, only to walk into an open house that weekend and make an offer without you.  I’ve heard of instances where buyers flew into a city to work with a certain Realtor®, with the sole intention of using them as chauffeurs to look at nice houses and maybe get a free lunch.

     Don’t be a liar buyer!  If you are fickle then at least be loyal when you give your agent the ride of their life!