Recently I heard that a seller canceled the listing with a small town broker because they wanted to relist the property with a prominent large real estate franchise in the big city. Their reasoning behind this decision is because their perception was that the larger franchised company would be better equipped to sell their property. The seller in the above example is simply deceived by an illusion! It is obvious that a large company with over 100 agents would be a busy place and therefore may attract more buyers in general because they may have more listings than a smaller brokerage. However, those buyers will be attracted according to the type of listings offered, which may or may not be a fit for the seller in this example.

The listing presentation is only as good as the individual broker who the seller contracts to sell their home. The company does little if anything to promote the listing in a bigger way than any smaller brokerage. If that new broker offers a solid marketing plan with a variety of approaches and methods and that broker has the individual finances to fund such a campaign and is willing to do so, then that is the best that the seller can expect. It will not sell faster because of a more nationally recognized name of a brokerage. If the small town agent had offered equivalent services and had placed the listing in a Multiple Listing Service that was available to all of the big city brokers, then there would be no difference in the exposure to the public and the availability to the public. It would have also been promoted to all other Realtors® through the MLS just exactly like a larger company would do.

What makes no sense to any reasonable person is that you would go out of area to hire someone who has little or no knowledge of local market trends or customs, when you could hire a reputable company and broker who knows the ins and outs of the local market. If that person was more thoughtful they likely would realize those facts. If that person was honest, they may have communicated to their fired agent some valid reasons why they felt that broker was not stepping up to the task. The real reasons would probably justify a change in agents, but not the false reasoning they stated.