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Aerial Photos a Great Tool

Aerial Photos a Great Tool Some time ago one of my agents brought a new listing into my office to get my opinion. I scrutinized the listing data and then turned my attention to the plat map and aerial photo. I immediately noticed something that in... Read more

Baby Brokers

Beginning a successful real estate career is quite difficult for most new brokers. In the business we affectionately call them “baby brokers” because of the state mandated requirements for intense supervision by an experience managing broker ... Read more

Agent’s Legal Duties

There seems to be much confusion among some consumers regarding their view of real estate agent duties. Many complaints that come to the Department of Licensing have to do with the opinion that an agent didn’t fulfill their legal duty because of th... Read more

I Quit!

Sometimes in the real estate business, Realtors® find that do-it-yourselfers have used certain methods to convey property (albeit a bit recklessly) without really understanding the legalities or the risks involved. One day a potential seller, who had... Read more


It is a common practice for loaded investors to wave cash (figuratively) in the face of a seller, as if that cash entitles them to a significant discount when purchasing property. Since most cash buyers are able to close quickly, some sellers may be entic... Read more

Buyers Get Your Act Together!

An average day in the life of a Realtor® includes calls from potential buyers who want to be shuttled around to view homes for sale. Very few of these buyers are prepared to take that step, yet they get indignant when the wise Realtor® invites the... Read more

Buyer Beware?

"I’m waiting for a dumb California buyer to come and pay a higher price than I can get locally," said a client to me recently. His perception was that there are still many buyers out there who can be duped into paying an inflated price. Th... Read more


Some years ago my family was faced with a dilemma. Our new home was infested with pesky black ants. We tried all the store-bought products to no avail, so I called an exterminator. His solution was to tent the whole house and fumigate with a solution that... Read more

Big Company Illusion

Recently I heard that a seller canceled the listing with a small town broker because they wanted to relist the property with a prominent large real estate franchise in the big city. Their reasoning behind this decision is because their perception was that... Read more

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Recently a seller became entangled in an unfortunate mess that could have been avoided simply by getting some guidance from a trustworthy professional real estate advisor. This property owner had sold a large parcel of land with an owner contract. After s... Read more

Do I Have To Tell?

What if someone died in a home? Is the real estate broker obligated to disclose this information? This question has a complicated answer! Let’s say that the seller instructs a broker to withhold such information from buyers since they feel that if th... Read more

Paying the Piper

The Current Use Programs of our state basically allow land owners to pay fewer taxes if the property qualifies for a use that is defined as agricultural or timber ground. In most cases the program does provide some relief to deserving land owners, but som... Read more

“This Job Sucks!”

One of the traits of a true redneck is being a fan of the Red Green Show! I for one enjoy the silly comedy of this off beat show that features the antics of a myriad of goofy characters and touts the virtues of duct tape for almost any project. One of the... Read more

Easements, A Property Right

Property rights seem to be an ongoing hot topic since there are many people or entities that seem particularly intent on infringing upon those rights. Ownership of property is one of our country’s basic rights that we should never take for grante... Read more

Do You Know Your Boundaries?

It has been my experience that property owners can rarely accurately point out where their property lines are located. Many even mistakenly warrant that there has been a survey even though they don’t have a copy and have never actually seen one. &ld... Read more


When most folks think of the word salesman, our mind conjures up images that we have seen in old western movies that portray slick traveling salesmen using their conniving persuasion to convince someone to buy their wares, usually some tonic that claims t... Read more


Have you been contemplating the idea of purchasing a chunk of mother earth and building your dream home? So, you think you might finally be ready to brave the unknown, face your fears and make the jump? Now may be the perfect time for your land purchase ... Read more

Buyers Responsibility

Most buyers in this age of intense technological advancement seem to be prepared in terms of knowing what is out there on the market, but most are ill prepared when it comes to knowing whether they actually qualify for the types of homes they have been go... Read more

Bad Well Water?

In the old days of real estate the results of a water test was of the utmost importance because if you didn’t have water, you didn’t have anything! Old westerns movies often depict ghost towns where either the gold production played out or the... Read more

Herd Mentality and Real Estate

In my previous career as a grocer I noticed an odd phenomenon that was interesting to me. Whenever shoppers head for the checkout stand it always seems to attract a crowd. I watched and studied this scene for many years and the only explanation that I cou... Read more

Buying a Fixer

For some reason buyers seem fascinated by real estate ads that promote houses that are dilapidated and need to be fixed up. Like a moth to a lightbulb, we come running, attracted by the challenge perhaps, or by the lure of turning our elbow grease into go... Read more

Politics and Real Estate

Lately the politicians have really been at it, highlighting with fevered pitch the differences between the political factions, each party assuring the beleaguered public that their viewpoint is the correct one and their cause is the righteous one! Th... Read more


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